Before I came to this school I skipped a lot, I’d go to school high or drunk, I’d get sent to the office everyday that I was there, and I got kicked out of two schools.  But coming to this school helped me a lot.  Because of this school, I feel like I can actually finish high school.  Now, because of this school, I don’t skip as much, I’m not rude anymore, I don’t do drugs anymore, I don’t get into trouble, and I’m anti-social.  I like to be able to work at my own speed because it makes me less stressed.  This school has really changed my life for the best.  I have so many great memories at this school.  I’m glad I got sent here.

My days & years at Cornwall were ecstatic.  I met new people, made new friends, & sure, I lost a couple close friends, but I just gained more back.  I learned too much to remember, so I don’t know how that will work out… just kidding.  But…The staff is great too, yeah, they get mad easy but eh! Don’t come then 😛  I don’t want to leave this school but oh well, I’m thankful for it!  I used to be bad and never go to school, now… I love it!  Plus my writing/stories got so much better!  I always have ideas, until I get to the computer, then I don’t know what to say.  Lol, but yeah.

I was successful at Cornwall School because of the level of respect between the students and the teachers.  I was treated like an adult, not a child.

What I liked about Cornwall is that they help you and want to get you an education.  My overall experience at Cornwall was fantastic they taught me so much that I could use it in real life inside or outside of school and Ms Jaimie was so awesome her orangey red hair just always brightened up my morning.  If I ever had kids I would want them to be taught at Cornwall and the principal is so nice, like omg!



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